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Episode Nineteen: Emily Keddie

Emily is an endurance athlete with a proclivity for adrenaline-packed adventures. You can find her free-soloing rock of somewhat questionable quality, running 100-mile races, or taking off on lengthy and extremely remote backpacking trips involving the need for navigational prowess. Emily is rarely without her furry best friend, Jolly, a golden retriever who loves adventuring … Continue reading Episode Nineteen: Emily Keddie

Episode Eighteen: Tara Warren

Tara Warren is an accomplished ultra-distance runner and running coach, but she hasn’t always fearlessly tackled 100-milers. Tara discusses her journey into long-distance running and her first experiences on trails, as well as some of the mental strategies she uses to stay focused in her races and training. Tara also candidly shares some of her … Continue reading Episode Eighteen: Tara Warren

Episode Seventeen: Ellen Falterman – Adventure Traveler

This episode’s guest is Ellen Falterman, also known as Ellen Magellen. I can’t quite describe who she is in this short intro because she doesn’t quite fit in a box. I guess I would call her an expeditionist. Ellen embarks on multi-month expeditions, the most recent of which involved paddling a canoe over 2,000 miles. She … Continue reading Episode Seventeen: Ellen Falterman – Adventure Traveler

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