Episode Sixteen: Sabrina Stanley on Nolan’s 14

Sabrina is a professional ultra-distance runner, run coach, and all-around badass. As with a lot of runners in the time of COVID,  the virus really threw a wrench in her race plans for this year. But Sabrina was flexible and instead of dwelling on that, she was able to pivot and focus her attention on a big objective she had been eyeing for a while: a classic Colorado route called Nolan’s 14. Sabrina got to know this route really well, to say the least. 

This episode is full of little nuggets of ultra-running wisdom as Sabrina recounts her experiences on Nolan’s 14.

Episode Fifteen: Jillian Brown – PTSD and the Energy Within

To Jillian Brown, PTSD doesn’t stand for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, it stands for Perseverance, Trust, Strength, and Determination, because that’s what she found as she’s navigated through her personal journey with PTSD. 

Jillian has a unique understanding of PTSD. She left everything behind to leave an abusive relationship, and ended up homeless and lost. Seeking out professional help, Jillian was diagnosed with PTSD, but was given very little information and even fewer options.

Jillian has found strength, determination, and direction through connecting with nature and moving her body. In this episode of WOTW, we talk about the healing power of the wilderness and exercise, how a squirrel taught Jillian the meaning of life, and the adventures that have shaped her into the incredible human she is today.

Episode Fourteen: Sunny Stroeer – Formative Failure

Sunny is back and she always brings the best topics to discuss! This time, we talk about failure.
Failure… is hard. It can be difficult to accept, to process, and to overcome.  Sunny, who is a professional athlete, guide, business owner, and expedition leader, talks about her own failures in the outdoors, how she’s handled them, and what they mean to her. We swap failure stories and discuss how they have shaped us as athletes. Sunny’s insights might help you look at your failures a little differently.

Episode Thirteen: Jen Petrut – The Glacier Peak Century Sandwich

This is a story about a sandwich like none other… While recovering from an injury last year, Jen set an audacious goal. She took the year and planned, prepped, and trained, and then, at the end of August, she set out to make her dream a reality. With the support of her closest friends (and lots of pizza) Jen was able to complete the Glacier Peak Century Sandwich.

Episode Twelve: Abby Hall on the Nüümü Poyo

Abby is an endurance athlete with Adidas Terrex who recently completed an epic journey on the John Muir Trail, which is also referred to as the JMT, or more appropriately, the Nuumu Poyo. Abby didn’t backpack this trail in the usual fashion, and her speed and style choice gave her a one of a kind adventure with magical memories…  complete with UFOs.

Episode Eleven: Kelly Halpin – Solo in the Mountains

Kelly Halpin is a professional mountain runner and artist from Jackson, Wyoming. She holds speed records in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and California, all on technical mountain terrain. Kelly thrives in the mountains, and often prefers to take on these massive endeavors totally alone. Most recently she completed the Wind River High Route, a 100-mile, extremely remote route through Wyoming’s Wind River Range. Solo and unsupported, Kelly was able to set a new speed record on the route.

This episode is full of laughs as we share stories about hallucinations, blisters, skinny dipping, and freezing dirt-naps. And Kelly reveals what might be the best superpower ever.

Episode Ten: Self-Defense in the Outdoors with Nicole Snell

If you’ve ever considered solo outdoor adventures, you’ve also probably also considered the dangers that might be lurking out there. In this episode of WOTW, I speak with Nicole Snell. Nicole is the CEO of Girls Fight Back, an organization that uses personal safety and self-defense as a way to empower women and girls in the outdoors. She’s a self-defense instructor and has found her passion in helping women gain confidence in the outdoors by teaching them self-defense tactics. Nicole has traveled the world as a speaker and self-defense teacher and enjoys solo adventures in the wild. In this episode, we chat about finding your voice, standing up for yourself, and listening to your intuition, as well as self-defense tactics you can implement now.

Episode Eight: Latoya Shauntay Snell – The Power in YOU

Latoya is a lot of things. She’s an athlete, a mom, a chef, an endometriosis warrior, a body positivity advocate, a social media influencer… the list goes on. We dive into Latoya’s self-defeatist nature, how she constantly works to overcome that, and how she is able to find her power in being authentic and vulnerable.
We also get into the Black Lives Matter movement by discussing white guilt and actionable ways to be anti-racist as well as a better ally. Queue this puppy up for your long run, because Latoya’s energy is infectious and her insights are sure to pump you up!

Episode Seven: Managing Your Mental Space with Danielle Snyder

Danielle is a mental health therapist and running coach, and she’s found a beautiful way to marry those two things into a business called Inner Drive Athlete. Danielle specializes in helping athletes overcome mental blocks and negativity, among other things in conjunction with their training. I had the opportunity to chat with Danielle and pick her brain about mental strategies for athletes, anxiety management, and how we can comfortably move forward as our trails and parks reopen.

Episode Six: Toeing the Line With Kaytlyn Gerbin

Kaytlyn is an elite runner for The North Face, a bioengineer, and all-around amazing human.

We chat about what it was like for her to become a professional athlete and the challenges that come along with it, including imposter syndrome. We also chat about women toeing the line at races, and her experience starting at the front of the pack at Transgrancanaria, among many other things.

Episode Five: Finding Food Freedom with Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, but we don’t talk shop about nutrition in this episode. Instead, we chat about Amanda’s struggle with an eating disorder and her recovery, and how it’s influenced her life. Amanda is passionate about helping people find balance between the body and the mind, and that shines through as we chat.

Episode Four: Nutrition Know-How With Kylee Van Horn, RDN

Nutrition is an important part of your training and can help you reach your athletic goals, yet many of us overlook it. It’s easy to do with our busy lives. In this episode, Kylee and I talk about nutrition plans and training, fad diets, protein intake, sugar, what you can do about gut bombs and… ahem… the runner’s runs.

Episode Three: Melissa Urie – Uberman

Mel Urie is a tenacious ultra-distance triathlete who is breaking barriers and redefining what is possible. In this episode, we get a chance to hear all about Mel’s experience with Uberman, arguably the world’s most difficult ultra triathlon. We chat about her training, as well as transitioning back to normal life after accomplishing such a huge feat. She also shares some of her mental strategies for getting through rough workouts and tough patches during her races.

Episode Two: Renee Jacobs

On this episode of Womxn Of The Wild, I chat with Renee Jacobs. Renee is a mother and wife who was trained to be an architect but decided to pursue full-time motherhood. In doing so, she has struggled to find the balance between being a mom and doing the things she loves; adventuring in the mountains. We talk about finding balance, training, and her biggest accomplishment in the outdoors to date: the California 14ers.

Episode One: Sunny Stroeer

Sunny is an ultra-distance runner and mountaineer who THRIVES in the alpine environment. On this inaugural episode of Womxn Of The Wild, we talk about women in the outdoors, the gender gap, pooping in bags, and how we can empower more women to participate in adventurous outdoor activities.