Episode Four: Nutrition Know-How With Kylee Van Horn, RDN

Nutrition is an important part of your training and can help you reach your athletic goals, yet many of us overlook it. It’s easy to do with our busy lives. In this episode, Kylee and I talk about nutrition plans and training, fad diets, protein intake, sugar, what you can do about gut bombs and… ahem… the runner’s runs.

Kylee Van Horn knows her stuff. Not only did she grow up as a competitive runner, but she decided to become a registered dietary nutritionist in order to give back to the running community that she loves so much. Kylee owns and operates Fly Nutrition, where she helps athletes optimize their training through nutrition. She currently works with athletes of all kinds, from through-hikers to ultra-runners and everything in between.

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Find Kylee on Instagram and at Flynutrition.org

ROAR by Stacy Sims

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