Episode Ten: Self-Defense in the Outdoors with Nicole Snell

If you’ve ever considered solo outdoor adventures, you’ve also probably also considered the dangers that might be lurking out there. In this episode of WOTW, I speak with Nicole Snell. Nicole is the CEO of Girls Fight Back, an organization that uses personal safety and self-defense as a way to empower women and girls in the outdoors. She’s a self-defense instructor and has found her passion in helping women gain confidence in the outdoors by teaching them self-defense tactics. Nicole has traveled the world as a speaker and self-defense teacher and enjoys solo adventures in the wild. In this episode, we chat about finding your voice, standing up for yourself, and listening to your intuition, as well as self-defense tactics you can implement now.

Instagram: @adventuresofnik @impactpersonalsafety @girlsfightback
Website: www.girlsfightback.com
Facebook: Girls Fight Back
Youtube: Nicole Snell

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