Episode Eight: Latoya Shauntay Snell – The Power In YOU

W. Eric Snell, Sr. (IG: esnelldesign)

Ep. 14: Sunny Stroeer – Formative Failure Womxn Of The Wild

Sunny is back and she always brings the best topics to discuss! This time, we talk about failure.Failure… is hard. It can be difficult to accept, to process, and to overcome.  Sunny, who is a professional athlete, guide, business owner, and expedition leader, talks about her own failures in the outdoors, how she’s handled them, and what they mean to her. We swap failure stories and discuss how they have shaped us as athletes. Sunny’s insights might help you look at your failures a little differently. Find SunnyInstagram: @sstroeerWebsite: SunnyStroeer.comFind Dreamland SafariInstagram: @dreamlandsafariWebsite: DreamlandTours.netFind AWExpeditionsInstagram: @awexpeditionsWebsite: AWExpeditions.orgLike what you hear? Want to keep inspiring womxn in the outdoors? Please support the show over at Patreon. Or keep me burning that midnight oil by treating me to a coffee ;)Thanks for the love, and Stay Wild!Follow Womxn Of The Wild in Instagram: @womxnofthewildFollow Ashly on Instagram: @ashly.winchesterSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/womxnofthewild)Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/womxnofthewild)
  1. Ep. 14: Sunny Stroeer – Formative Failure
  2. Ep. 13: Jen Petrut – The Glacier Peak Century Sandwich
  3. Ep. 12: Abby Hall on the Nuumu Poyo
  4. Ep. 11: Kelly Halpin – Solo in the Mountains
  5. Ep. 10: Self-Defense in the Outdoors with Nicole Snell

Latoya is a lot of things. She’s an athlete, a mom, a chef, an endometriosis warrior, a body positivity advocate, a social media influencer… the list goes on. You really can’t fit her big personality in a box.
In this episode, we talk about all of these topics… and more! We dive into Latoya’s self-defeatist nature, how she constantly works to overcome that, and how she is able to find her power in being authentic and vulnerable.
We also get into the Black Lives Matter movement by discussing white guilt and actionable ways to be anti-racist as well as a better ally.
Queue this puppy up for your long run, because Latoya’s energy is infectious and her insights are sure to pump you up!

W. Eric Snell, Sr. (IG: esnelldesign)

Find Latoya

Instagram: @iamlshauntay

Blog: Running Fat Chef

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